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You can log into Google Workspace more securely with this major update

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Overall, passwords are a hassle to deal with. Having to go through the effort of creating and remembering strong passwords only to have them eventually compromised can be frustrating. 

According to Google, over 60% of data breaches in 2021 involved stolen login credentials or phishing. 

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On Monday, Google Workspace announced a security update to help remedy that issue. 

Users from more than 9 million organizations will be able to sign in to Google Workspace and Google Cloud using passkeys instead of passwords.

Passkeys are password alternatives allowing users a more secure signing-in experience using face methods, such as face recognition, fingerprint, or other screen-lock mechanisms. 

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In May, Google rolled out passkeys for users’ personal accounts. Google’s early data shows that passkeys are twice as fast and four times less error-prone than passwords.

Administrators will be able to enable passkeys as a sign-in option for their organization. By default, this setting will be off, but users will still be able to use passkeys as a two-step verification method. 

There will be a gradual rollout of passkeys for users and controls for Workspace over the next few weeks, according to Google. 

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