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Will Apple Watch Series 10 monitor your blood pressure? Not exactly

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If you’re looking for a blood pressure smartwatch, you may want to wait until this fall for the Apple Watch Series 10. Apple is rumored to be adding a new blood pressure monitoring function to its next Apple Watch, slated to be released in September. 

Unfortunately, the new feature may not be everything you’re expecting: The blood pressure checker on the Apple Watch 10 will give users insight into blood pressure trends throughout the day instead of offering users real-time readings on demand, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman

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Reportedly, the new hardware sensor on the 10th-generation Apple Watch will not be advanced enough to offer exact readings; some competitors, like the FDA-approved Omron HeartGuide, can offer precise readings. Also, giving the Apple Watch 10 a new sensor means this blood pressure feature will not be available in earlier Apple Watch models. 

Another competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, can also track blood pressure, but it requires calibration with a physical blood pressure cuff and then recalibration every four weeks after that. 

Apple has been working for years on developing new health features for its Apple Watch wearable, including the blood pressure checker and a skin sensor for blood glucose monitoring. 

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While we don’t know when an Apple Watch will be able to check your blood sugar levels, the blood pressure rumor appears likely to come to the Series 10, which will launch this September during Apple’s fall event. 

Adding these new health tracking features to a wearable would help millions of users to more easily monitor hypertension and diabetes, two of the most common health conditions ailing Americans.

The Apple Watch 10 is also rumored to be thinner than previous models, would feature a microLED display, and would change how bands attach to the watch. 

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