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WhatsApp Dark Mode Rolling Out for Beta Testers on Android: Here’s How to Enable It

WhatsApp has finally received a highly anticipated feature – a native dark mode. Yes, the heavily leaked dark mode in WhatsApp, whose traces began popping up in the app’s interface and code months ago, is now finally available in all its glory to users. WhatsApp’s native dark mode is simply called Dark in the theme selection interface, and it imparts a dark green profile to the messaging app’s entire UI with some contrasting colours here and there. The home screen and the settings menu are now clad in a dark colour, but in case of the conversation interface, only the chat bubbles are dark while the background is white or it reflects any other colour users have set as background.

Important: But before we go ahead on how the feature is activated, it must be noted that dark mode is currently available only to the beta testers as of now. There is no word as to when the feature will be rolled out via the stable channel, but it shouldn’t take very long.

Dark mode in WhatsApp has already begun rolling out for beta testers via Google Play, and it comes with the new v2.20.13 update.If you are a beta tester and are yet to receive the update, or, if you’re unable to join the Google Play beta programme and want to see the dark mode changes, you can sideload the WhatsApp beta v2.20.13 APK from APKMirror. And if you are not a beta tester and can’t wait to try the app’s new dark mode, here’s how you can register to become a beta tester via Google play and download WhatsApp beta builds.

WABetaInfo says if users don’t see the WhatsApp dark mode at first after installing the update, they need to delete and reinstall the latest build of the app from Google Play Store or the link given above. Of course, delete the app only after backing up your chat history.

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WhatsApp’s new dark theme imparts a dark green profile to the app’s interface

How to enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp?

Enabling dark mode or dark theme in WhatsApp is very simple. Follow the steps mentioned below to quickly activate the new look. Apart from being easier on the eyes in low-light environments, it will also help you save battery on OLED screen phones.

  1. Download the latest WhatsApp beta update and open the app.

  2. Once you open the app, tap on the three-dot menu icon at the top right corner of the screen and select Settings from the menu.

  3. Once you are on the Settings page, tap on Chats, and then tap on Theme. Doing so will open a window where you choose the theme.

  4. Tap on Dark in the window that appears. This will enable the dark mode interface across the app.

  5. You can select the System default option to automatically switch between dark and light mode based on system settings.

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