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VMware Edge launched to service enterprises developing multi-cloud apps

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VMware has used its virtual VMworld 2021 event to introduce VMware Edge, a portfolio that will cater specifically to help enterprises run, manage, and secure edge-native apps across multiple clouds.

According to VMware Edge and Service Provider SVP Sanjay Uppal, the company wants to help address two main problems that organisations face when deploying software stacks.

“There’s a challenge of real-time access and there’s a challenge in terms of scale in terms of the number of locations — and we will be addressing both of them,” he told media.

He also took the opportunity to define what the “edge” means to VMware, acknowledging the definition in the industry can mean something different to everyone.

“The edge is distributed digital infrastructure … for running workloads across a number of locations, and these locations are placed close to endpoints that are producing and consuming data,” Uppal said.

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Solutions to help make up the new portfolio will include VMware Edge Compute Stack. Uppal described it as a purpose-built, integrated VM and container-based stack that will enable organisations to run their workloads all the way into the customers’ premise, as well as near the edge. 

VMware Edge Compute Stack will be available in standard, advanced, and enterprise editions. The company added there are plans to develop a lightweight version of Edge Compute Stack to support more lightweight apps at the edge.

The company’s VMware Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) offering will also be added. In addition to being the software service that combines SD-WAN with cloud-delivered security, VMware has expanded it to include cloud web security, zero trust network access, and firewalling, which will be delivered as-a-service at the edge.  

“Secure access will mean all those endpoints that are coming in without the need for a hardware edge but are coming in and getting terminated at the points of presence, which increases agility and flexibility for the enterprise, but also allows the service provider to migrate away from legacy VPNs,” Uppal said.

VMware Edge will also feature VMware Telco Cloud Platform, which has been delivering near edge solutions to telco providers from their 4G/5G core to the radio access network. As part of the latest update, Uppal said, its capabilities will also be extended into the network.

“This is where it’s being used for RAN disaggregation, as an example, in 4G and 5G cases where this common software stack using telco cloud platform, is being used,” he said.

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