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Valve Index VR Headset Teased for May 2019 Reveal

Valve Index VR Headset Teased for May 2019 Reveal

Valve’s new VR headset is called Index and should have a full reveal soon

Half-Life and Steam creator Valve has teased a VR headset, According to page discovered on Steam, it’s called the Valve Index and would possibly be revealed and go on sale in May of this year. While Valve partnered with HTC for the Vive headset, Valve Index appears to be a solo effort from the company. Throw in the tagline that tells would be users to “upgrade your experience” and it appears that the Valve is confident of what it’s working on.

That said, the HTC Vive is usually referred to as Valve’s headset. However other manufacturers can make SteamVR headsets too. Though this hasn’t happened yet. Probably has to do with the less stellar adoption rate of VR to begin with, making Index Vive’s direct competitor. Amusing when you consider Valve has a hand in both. The VR space itself has had few successes to cheer about, the biggest of which is PlayStation VR (PS VR).

Sony announced that the PlayStation VR headset (PS VR) has sold 4.2 million units worldwide. While this figure might be a whole more than what the competition such as HTC and the Facebook-owned Oculus has achieved, it only means 4.58 percent of all PS4 owners bothered with PS VR when you take into account the last reported PS4 lifetime to date sales figure of 91.6 million back in January of this year.

The PS VR sales milestone was announced in a post on the official PlayStation blog.

“We’re also very excited to reveal that we have officially sold-through more than 4.2 million PS VR systems worldwide as of March 3, 2019. We’d like to thank our fans for the amazing support for helping us achieve the milestone,” said PlayStation’s Director of Social Media Sid Schuman.

It will be interesting to see if Index is able to give VR the shot in the arm it needs. Hopefully we’ll know more in May.

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