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TweetDeck Gets a New Tweet Composer With Support for GIFs, Polls, Emoji, and More

TweetDeck Gets a New Tweet Composer With Support for GIFs, Polls, Emoji, and More

The new tweet composer in TweetDeck resembles the native desktop client

Earlier this week, TweetDeck’s official profile on Twitter ran a poll, asking users which features they’d like to see in the app. The Twitter-owned app has now followed it up with a fresh update to the tweet composer available within TweetDeck. Users can now easily post threads, GIFs, polls, and emoji in TweetDeck’s new tweet composer. These are welcome changes for users who spend a lot of time on the tweet management platform.

TweetDeck still remains a powerful platform for those who want to manage their profiles with a bunch of powerful tools and features that are normally not available on Twitter’s website. Power users who want a free platform to manage their Twitter profiles still prefer TweetDeck.

The update has been rolled out to all users. TweetDeck lets users pick the new composer feature via a pop-up that explains the new features. Users can either start using the new composer or stick to the older variant.

Twitter had bought TweetDeck back in 2011 and since then the company has faced plenty of criticism for failing to deliver new features. But Twitter has been pushing updates to TweetDeck over the last couple of years, bringing new features and updates to the platform.

TweetDeck’s new tweet composer mimics the company’s desktop version which offers the same support for GIFs, polls, threads, and emoji. Users could still manually add emoji or GIFs to their tweets, but it’s now a bit easier with the new composer.

However, the ability to directly create polls and threads right within TweetDeck is probably the biggest reason why TweetDeck users will welcome the update.

The only downside with TweetDeck’s new composer is the inability to schedule tweets. Users will need to switch to the old composer every single time they need to schedule a tweet. It’s not much of a hassle, but Twitter might eventually fix this sooner or later.

Earlier this month, Twitter had added the ability to retweet others’ tweets with GIFs, images, and videos. The feature is available to all Twitter users on the company’s official mobile apps.

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