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Three accessories to keep your new iPhone 13 looking like new

Got a new iPhone 13? Want to keep it scratch-free for a while?

I don’t blame you. And given that you have to go back to Apple to get that display fixed at the risk of losing a lot of features, protecting your iPhone from damage should be a priority.

Here are my top three accessories to keep your phone looking like new for longer.

Your first line of defense!


I find that iPhone screens scratch pretty easy. So this time around I’ve made the decision that I’ll be using a screen protector.

But I hate applying screen protectors.

This is why I’ve been on the lookout for screen protectors that are easy to apply. And that’s where the Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector comes in.

The screen protector arrives in a plastic frame. You clean your screen, peel off the backing on the screen protector, pop the frame over the iPhone, press the film down, remove the frame, and finally remove the top layer.

It’s quick and easy!

And you get two in the pack in case you mess up the first time. 

All-round protection


Earlier this year I was looking for a car mount for my iPhone. I was dissatisfied with the ones I had. I kept hearing good things about Quad Lock so decided to give them a go.

And I’ve never looked back.

Quad Lock has a range of accessories, from cases to car mounts to motorcycle mounts. They’re all high quality and just blow the competition away.

I had concerns that the case wouldn’t offer the same protection that other cases offer, but after dropping my iPhone many times, it seems that my fears were unfounded.

Every Quad Lock accessory I’ve tested has been of the highest quality.

Highly recommended!

Ultimate protection


You have a case. You have a screen protector. What more could you want?

A poncho.

While this is not vital for everyone, if you take your iPhone out into the great outdoors, maybe camping or cycling, where there’s water and mud, the Quad Lock poncho offers another layer of protection.

It covers the screen, the cameras, and the ports.

And the great thing is that the touchscreen and Face ID both work fine when using the poncho!

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