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This new ZAGG stylus is a cheaper, more colorful Apple Pencil alternative

ZAGG Pro Stylus 2


For tablet users, a great stylus can be a game changer. Beyond being a tool for navigating your tablet, great styluses like the S Pen for Samsung tablets and the Apple Pencil for iPad can become a productivity tool for annotations, graphic design, photo editing, and content creation. ZAGG just launched a new Pro Stylus 2 with some advantages over the Apple Pencil.

The Pro Stylus 2 boasts wireless charging, tilt recognition, palm rejection technology, a replaceable tip, and compatibility with apps that support the Apple Pencil. 

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Plus, it’s also available in five colors, has a dual tip, and goes for the price of $80, which is cheaper than the Apple Pencil 2 — though you can snag one of those for only $89 for a limited time. 

ZAGG Stylus Pro 2

The ZAGG Stylus Pro 2 features tilt recognition, allowing you to vary the width of your stroke.


The dual tips on the Pro Stylus 2 include an active tip for drawing precise lines, making notes, and sketching; and a universal capacitive tip on the opposite end to easily scroll and navigate your iPad. Each stylus includes a spare active tip for replacement. 

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It’s worth noting that this new ZAGG stylus will be a different experience than the Apple Pencil 2 on the iPad. For one, the pen turns itself off after 15 minutes of inactivity, requiring the user to push on the capacitive end of the stylus to turn it on instead of just picking it up and using it on the screen. 

The battery life is also shorter than the Apple Pencil’s at six and a half hours on a single charge, compared to the 10-12 hours you’d get on Apple Pencil 2

ZAGG Pro Stylus 2

The ZAGG Pro Stylus 2 attached to an iPad Pro.


Like the Apple Pencil, the ZAGG Pro Stylus 2 supports wireless magnetic charging on the iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9, so it attaches easily to the side of Apple’s flagship iPads to charge. This stylus is also compatible with any iPad model from 2018 or later. 

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The Pro Stylus 2 also supports Qi wireless charging with the included charging cradle or any compatible wireless charger for greater convenience and is available now in five colors: black, white, yellow, pink, and blue. 

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