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The latest Webex update makes it easier for iPad workers to multitask during meetings


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Webex Meetings for iPad already supports picture-in-picture mode that minimizes video streams from meetings to a small window for improved multitasking but starting Wednesday, iPad users will gain two more features to add to their workflow. 

An update to the Webex Meetings app will add the ability to split the app into multiple windows, making it possible to view shared documents or a presentation on one side of your screen, while also viewing meeting participants or the group chat on the other side of your screen. 

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Perhaps the more notable update is for those with a compatible iPad running iPadOS 16 or newer, with Webex Meetings adding support for Stage Manager. 


Image: Cisco

Stage Manager allows certain iPad models (more on that here) to show multiple apps in adjustable windows, similar to what you’d expect on MacOS (in fact, the latest MacOS has Stage Manager built-in), and it even supports external monitors. iPad users can have up to eight apps open and running at the same time when connected to an external display. 

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With the new Webex Meetings update, you can move any of your open Webex Meetings windows between displays, resize any open windows, and ultimately treat the Webex Meetings as you would any of Apple’s own Stage Manager compatible apps. 

As someone who works on an iPad Pro connected to an external monitor, I’ve taken many video meetings — including some Webex meetings — in such an arrangement. Not all of the apps properly support that use case, so I’m glad to see Cisco bringing full support to the iPad with the latest Webex Meetings update.

You can download today’s update to Webex Meetings in the App Store

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