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The best MagSafe wallet I’ve tested is not made by Apple or Anker (and it’s on sale)

Journey MagSafe Wallet

Kayla Solino/ZDNET

ZDNET’s key takeaways 

  • Journey’s Ezmo MagSafe wallet combines style and function with ease.
  • The MagSafe wallet can store up to five cards, doubles as a phone stand, and features a traditional wallet appearance. Naturally, it’s heavier and bulkier than cheaper alternatives.
  • Journey also offers an Apple FindMy-enabled version that’s similar in style, the Loc8 Finder wallet

I’ve tested dozens of magnetic wallets that leverage Apple’s MagSafe tech to fit on the back of iPhones, enough to understand which ones are most worthy of your hard-earned cash — or cards, if you’re always on the go like me.

See, I work a hybrid schedule, and when I need to go into the office, it’s the opposite of a hop, skip, and jump into NYC; it’s more of a nearly three-hour sprint. Needless to say, I depend heavily on a MagSafe wallet to grant me quick access to my NJ Transit card and other essentials during the commute, and as a Gen-Z who is tethered to my phone like a baby to a bottle, I love a nifty accessory (hence why I get paid to test so many). 

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Journey — maker of all sorts of accessories, from desk mats to bluetooth tags, iPhone gear, and beyond — has created what I think is one of the best MagSafe wallets I’ve tested, the Ezmo Wallet and Stand. Here’s why it’s worth considering.

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Journey Ezmo MagSafe Wallet and Stand specs

  • Holds up to five cards
  • MagSafe compatible (not compatible with iPhone 12/13 Mini)
  • Made with durable, eco-conscious vegan leather 
  • Adjustable stand 
  • Front notch for quick access
  • Portrait and landscape viewing 
  • Protective lining to prevent demagnetization of cards 
  • RFID technology 
  • Available in four colors (Black, Dove Grey, Dark Brown, Navy Blue) 

The Ezmo combines a regular wallet’s leather look and composition with MagSafe’s quick plug-and-play mechanism. Together, you get a hybrid accessory that looks and feels good.

How did the Ezmo wallet fair during testing?

When I evaluate MagSafe wallets, I like to run what’s called the “transit card test,” which measures how smooth the experience is to take my transit card out of the wallet, beep it into the terminal, and put it back in the wallet, during my long and complex commutes.

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The Journey Ezmo has a convenient pocket in front of the usual card storage slot, so I can store my transit card separately from other cards. It’s easy to slide out and put back, so if you’re looking for a commuter-friendly wallet, I highly recommend choosing one with the front pocket option.


The front pocket on the Ezmo makes grabbing your favorite card easy and quick. 

Kayla Solino/ZDNET

I’ve grown to appreciate how the Ezmo MagSafe wallet provides enough space for five cards and even folded cash. While it was already good for holding my debit card, work badge, and other incidentals, I’ve found it to be a solid addition to my MagSafe accessory lineup because it gives me options. 

I don’t often keep my driver’s license or credit card in my phone wallet while going to work, but I like that I have the option if I need or want to for another event or activity.


The Ezmo wallet has storage for four cards on the inside and one on the front. 

Kayla Solino/ZDNET

I recently used the Ezmo wallet while road tripping by car, and it was a game-changer. It stored my top four cards on the go, eliminating the need to rummage through my car for my purse every time I stopped. You can even remove this wallet from your phone and use it like a regular one, and no one would question it.

The phone stand makes this wallet top-notch. It makes it easy to prop up my phone at the office or at home in portrait or landscape mode. I even found myself using the back half of the wallet as a makeshift grip on the train, which added extra stability. It’s great for taking pictures, too!  


The Ezmo wallet (bottom center) stacked with other MagSafe wallets I’ve tested. 

Kayla Solino/ZDNET

The magnetic connection rivals that of other top-tested picks, like the Satechi wallet. It’s secure enough to hold onto my iPhone 14 Pro, and while I don’t recommend doing this, it didn’t even budge when I held it suspended from its hinged end.  

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The vegan leather is soft yet tough, looks elevated and premium, and the color options embody the quiet luxury trend that’s popular on social media.  

ZDNET’s buying advice

Although it’s one of the pricier MagSafe wallet options I’ve tested, the Journey Ezmo wallet stand is well worth the investment due to its multi-functionality and excellent quality, especially if you’ll use your MagSafe wallet every day. (It’s also on sale at the time of writing, selling for about $56 instead of $70.) If you’re truly looking for a traditional-style MagSafe wallet, this is it. 

The Ezmo wallet is also available in a trackable version — the LOC8 MagSafe Finder Wallet and Stand — if you’re prone to losing things frequently.

Current users on the Journey website appreciate the slim profile, smart design, larger card capacity, and sleek material, giving the wallet a 5/5 star rating online. One customer noted that it “does it all really well.”

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