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Roku announces Home Monitoring System SE with wire-free keypad for $99

What you need to know

  • Roku Home Monitoring System SE was announced for $99.
  • It is a five-piece set with two entry sensors, a motion sensor, a wire-free keypad, and a hub with a siren.
  • The home monitoring system, alongside other new products, will be available through Roku and Walmart in the U.S.

Roku has a new lineup of home monitoring devices, expanding its current product portfolio. The primary one is the new Roku Home Monitoring System SE, which includes two entry sensors, a motion sensor, a wire-free keypad, and a hub with a siren.

In a shared press release, Roku says that with the new monitoring system, users can either monitor themselves or subscribe to a professional all round-clock monitoring powered by Noonlight.

“Roku's new home monitoring system provides peace of mind, while being easier than ever to set up, control and monitor,” said Mark Robins, vice president of Roku Smart Home. “We are proud to further extend Roku's Smart Home lineup with affordable and delightful ways to secure the safety of any home.”

Roku Smart Home accessories

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Priced at $99, the Roku Home Monitoring System SE is developed in collaboration with Wyze Labs and consists of five devices, as mentioned earlier. The two sensors will help users receive phone notifications when a door or window is open, closed, or left open.

Similarly, an accompanying motion sensor also helps users get notified when motion is detected and can also turn on lights automatically. One benefit to this feature is it can disable motion sensing for pets like a dog or cats as they roam the house at night.

The self-explanatory built-in siren alerts users in the house and the neighborhood whenever an emergency is detected. To quickly disarm or arm the device, the wire-free keypad comes into play to change modes and manually sound an alarm. In addition to the keypad, users can control the system through the Roku Smart Home app on their Android devices.

To make the setup process hassle-free, Roku provides “guided videos and illustrations” with no additional tools as part of the package.

Roku Smart Home accessories

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Today's announcement is not just about the home monitoring system but there are other products too. They include Roku Smart Light Strip+ SE and a Roku Solar Panel powering the Roku Outdoor Camera SE. The former can display up to 16 different colors at once.

Additionally, there's a new update for users who are utilizing either a Roku player or TV, which includes new features that are said to be coming to Roku TV OS in the coming weeks. hey comprise:

Roku Smart Home accessories

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  • Monitor your home from your TV – See an on-TV notification and alarm countdown when your Roku Home Monitoring System SE is armed and a sensor is triggered. 
  • Access your camera event history on your TV – Experience seamless integration between your connected camera and doorbell smart home devices with the Roku Cameras app, which downloads automatically to your Roku player or TV powered by the Roku OS. View live camera footage easily; now, simply click on “Events” to see previous recordings’ history filtered by preference.
  • Control Roku Smart Home devices with just your voice – Simply speak into your Roku remote or mobile app to control Roku lights or smart plugs, show live camera feeds on your Roku-powered TV screen, and more. Roku Voice integration now allows you to turn Roku lights on or off and change their brightness and color hands-free or at the click of a button.

Roku has stated these newly announced products will be available starting May 10 through Walmart.com and Roku.com. They will likely hit retail Walmart stores in the U.S. from May 19. The Roku Solar panel, however, will be available later this month.


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