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Rely on Authy desktop apps? You have one month to switch your 2FA, or else


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Like many others, I have been a long-time user of Twilio’s Authy Desktop app, a part of the company’s range of Authy two-factor authenticator (2FA) apps for various platforms. I started using it because it allowed me access to my authentication keys on virtually any device.

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Come March 19, 2024 — five months earlier than the initially planned date of August 19, 2024 — the desktop apps for Windows, Linux, and MacOS will hit their end of life. Therefore, users have only a few weeks to figure out what they want to do going forward.

The company says that the move is being made to “streamline our focus and provide more value on existing product solutions for which we see increasing demand.'”

OK, so what should you do when Twilio’s Authy Desktop goes away?

Let’s start with the good news. Mac users running hardware powered by M1, M2, or M3 processors can download and install the iOS version of the Authy app, sync all their existing accounts, and carry on with life as before. 

If you’re running Authy Desktop on Windows, Linux, or an older Intel-based Mac, then I have some bad news.

Your easiest option, and the one recommended by Twilio, is to switch to using the company’s iOS or Android app on your mobile device. The upside of this is that you can make the switch without too much hassle; the downside is that you lose direct access to your 2FA codes on your computer.

If you want access to your 2FA codes on your desktop, then Twilio suggests users look at the following options:

Users moving to an Authy app on a different platform will need to ensure that the backup feature is enabled to allow the app to sync their data. Otherwise, they will face the headache of disabling and then re-enabling 2FA on all of their protected accounts, since Authy does not have a mechanism to export accounts to another app.

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The same headache awaits anyone choosing to switch to another 2FA desktop app.

And you can forget about looking for a Google Chrome extension — that’s been gone for years

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