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NTT partners with VMware to combine private 5G and edge services

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Increasingly, organizations are collecting data and processing it in a distributed fashion — think of the growing use of warehouse robotics, or the growing number of intelligent features in cars. 

To handle all of this dispersed data, companies need to leverage edge services — data management and processing that happens at the “edge,” where data is collected, rather than in a data center. Meanwhile, a private 5G network can help organizations ensure that their data is processed quickly — it provides dedicated bandwidth for applications.

Now, the IT infrastructure company NTT is partnering with VMware to offer a service that offers both edge capabilities and private 5G. NTT first launched its global private 5G network-as-a-service last year.

“Combining Edge and Private 5G is a game changer for our customers and the entire industry,” Shahid Ahmed, NTT’s Group EVP and New Ventures and Innovation CEO, said in a statement. “Minimum latency, maximum processing power, and global coverage are exactly what enterprises need to accelerate their unique digital transformation journeys.”

NTT’s new Edge-as-a-Service offering is fully managed by NTT. Powered by VMware’s Edge Compute Stack, it includes private 5G connectivity. NTT will deliver the service across its global footprint, running on Intel network and edge technology.

With the new offering, VMware is bringing to the table secure application development, resource management automation and real-time processing capabilities. NTT, meanwhile, is contributing its multi-cloud and edge platforms, as well as capabilities in network segmentation and expertise in movement from private to public 5G.

VMware and NTT will jointly market the new service. It should be valuable to a range of industries like  manufacturing, retail, logistics, and entertainment.

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