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New iPad Pro and Air models now expected early May. Here’s what’s coming

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Earlier this year, when Apple failed to mention its new iPad Pro models, the general consensus seemed to suggest a March or April launch. However, now that March has come and gone, it appears the release date will be pushed back — again — to early May 2024.

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Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported that Apple’s new line of iPad Pro‌ and ‌iPad Air‌ models — with the new M3 chips — will launch the first or second week of May. Patient observers of the iPad lineup will note that the previous updates occurred back in October 2022; those models featured the M2 chip, ProRes video capture, and the Apple Pencil hover experience.

The upcoming iPads will be available in the standard 11-inch display and a new, larger 12.9-inch OLED display for both the Pro and Air models. These OLED displays should bring a significantly brighter, sharper screen to the iPad, while demanding less power. Other new features expected to run with iPadOS 17.4 include upgraded Apple Pencil functionality and a new Magic Keyboard.

So what’s behind the delay? It’s not entirely certain, but Gurman noted that “complex new manufacturing techniques” seem to have contributed to the push-back in release. The new OLED displays may have been the culprit, as these can be challenging to create at scale, especially in the new thinner designs on both the Pro and Air. Keep in mind that these will be the largest, thinnest iPads yet.

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Gurman also reported that overseas production of the new tablets was confirmed to be ramping up, which strongly suggests a launch date in the previously mentioned window.

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