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Moment adds to its MagSafe iPhone accessory lineup with more mounts


Image: Moment

Moment has a long list of accessories it makes for a wide range of smartphones, including mounts and attachments made for the iPhone. More specifically, the

iPhone 12


iPhone 13

‘s MagSafe feature uses a ring of magnets to attach various accessories and chargers to the back of the phone. 

On Tuesday, Moment added to its MagSafe accessory lineup with three new mounts, one of which adds a MagSafe-like magnetic disk to the back of any phone, making it possible to use MagSafe mounts (not chargers) with any phone. 

The new 

Moment Mobile Filmmaker Cage

 is a video cage that holds your iPhone in place, giving you a place to hold the frame of the cage instead of your iPhone, and it has two cold shoe attachment points, giving you a place to connect an external mic, lights, or anything else you’d normally use when shooting video on your phone. There are also slots cut into the frame for cable management. Overall, it looks nice and easy to use now that you don’t have to struggle with putting your phone in and out of the clamp (although, if you do want to use a clamp, you can replace the MagSafe mount). It’s $99 and available to order right now.


Image: Moment

The second new MagSafe accessory is the 

Moment Strap Anywhere Mount

. This $40 accessory looks like a watch if I’m being completely honest. Only instead of wrapping the band around your wrist, you’re supposed to wrap it around anything round — like a stationary bike’s handlebars. And instead of a watch face, there’s a giant magnetic circle that holds your iPhone in place. 

Finally, Moment announced a $10 Stick-on Adapter for MagSafe that is exactly what its name implies: A sticker you can place on the back of a phone or a case that adds a magnetic attachment point, making your non-MagSafe equipped phone. In fact, you don’t even have to attach it to a phone. You could, in theory, attach it to a wall or any other flat surface and use it as a place to mount your iPhone.

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