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Microsoft Edge 92 starts rolling out to mainstream users


Credit: Microsoft

On July 22, Microsoft began rolling out version 92 of its Chromium-based browser to the Stable Channel, meaning mainstream users. The new version includes a number of new features, including a new Password Health Dashboard.

The Password Health Dashboard is meant to help users refrain from using the same password across multiple sites and to identify whether their passwords are strong enough. Microsoft already has a Password Monitor feature for detecting whether their credentials saved to autofill have been detected on the dark web and Password Generator, an option for auto-generating passwords .

Edge 92 also will allow users to bring their saved credentials into other apps and browsers on their phones when using Edge on Mobile. Saved login information from the browser can be used to log into mobile apps like Instagram and Pinterest.

According to Microsoft’s Edge release notes, other features that will be part of Edge 92 include natural language search for browser history on the address bar; MHTML files opening in default in Internet Explorer mode; synchronization of payment information across devices; the ability to manage extensions from the toolbar; and an option to navigate from HTTP to HTTPS on domains that support HTTPS.

Officials also touted the availability of a new Microsoft Outlook Extension that will allow them to see  their most recent personal and/or work emails, to-do lists and calendars without having to open a new tab or app. 

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