Home / Microsoft Discovered New 'Powerdir' macOS Vulnerability, Fixed in 12.1 Update / AVvXsEjuK_kLg9iYNZGFqm_1r6f5zWBw-nuMhX5QfT69CpqmL676vUBULGT0zs7866_0U7eFeSywU7TouO0G7uLrmxjP_XJnBBsOg2swCiCSBrOcXIl5fASPBOY4UDgQfLwhBHDVRxv-dT_zXPWuu6DrEPW7kQ24Hha0DWvFbLCVbjuCHx6WxrcV2rCryyn3-Aw400-h224


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