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Kensington StudioCaddy is a one-stop charging station for Apple devices



If your desk is anything like mine, it’s a mess of wireless charging stations, charging cables, and a stand to hold my laptop. Kenginston’s latest product, the $179 StudioCaddy, is designed to help you organize all of your gear while also keeping your iPhone and AirPods charged. 

The StudioCaddy comes in two parts that magnetically attach to each other. The front section is where you’ll find two Qi charging pads. On the right side, there’s a stand for your phone, with an indicator light just below it. To the left of the stand, there’s a small divot that’s roughly the same size as an AirPods case, again with an indicator light below it. 

The charging stand for your phone can put out up to 10W, depending on the type of phone that’s placed on it. The AirPods wireless charging pad is capable of 5W wireless charging. 

There’s a barrel connector with an accompanying wall adapter that plugs into the Qi-charging station on the left side of its housing. On the opposite side, you’ll find a USB-C port and a USB-A port. The USB-C connection puts out 20W of power, while the USB-A port comes in at 12W. 



The second piece of the StudioCaddy can be used on its own or placed behind the wireless charging section. The stand section of the StudioCaddy has space to hold any iPad model in the front, allowing you to prop it up in either orientation and use it to watch a movie, or with a Bluetooth keyboard to write out some emails. Behind the iPad stand is another section where you can place your MacBook in a closed position.

You can still access your laptop’s ports to, for instance, connect it to an external monitor and use it in clamshell mode.

You can order the StudioCaddy from Kensington, will deliveries starting right away. You can also order it from Amazon.

$179 at Amazon

Kensington sent me a StudioCaddy a few days ago for an early look, and I’ve fully switched away from the myriad of cables, wireless charging pads, and an extra MacBook stand on my desk. It looks great while organizing all of my Apple gear — although one could easily use this stand with any PC and Android combination. 

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