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Is satellite texting coming to T-Mobile? Some users see the option on their phones


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We’ve known for some time that satellite texting will be included with Android 15, but we might finally have a hint as to which carrier will be the first to get it.

Initially reported by AndroidAuthority, several users on the T-Mobile subreddit who have downloaded a beta version of Android 15 have reported seeing the satellite texting feature on their phones. “You can send and receive text messages by satellite,” the message explained, “as part of an eligible T-Mobile account.” There’s no indication what “eligible” means here.

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When a user doesn’t have a network, the message goes on to say, their phone will auto-connect to a satellite. Users are told to keep a clear view of the sky for the best connection. Once a phone connects to a satellite, users can text anyone, including emergency services. The phone will automatically reconnect to a mobile network when available.

Satellite texting has been available on Apple devices for several years, but only for emergency services. Given T-Mobile’s partnership with Starlink, it makes sense it would be among the first carriers to see satellite texting on Android.

The rollout doesn’t seem tied to only the latest phones, as one user says the feature showed up on their Pixel 7. Another user, with a Pixel 8 Pro, also saw the feature. Given those two confirmations, it seems plausible that the rollout will start with Google phones.

The original Reddit poster said they have T-Mobile’s Magenta plan and were told they’re eligible, while another user on a higher Magenta Max plan was told they were not eligible. 

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You can check to see if you have the feature by going to Settings > Network & Internet > SIMs > T-Mobile > Satellite messaging.

No other carrier has hinted at having access to satellite texting on Android, but AT&T has announced an agreement with AST SpaceMobile to power space-based texting and calling “one day in the not-too-distant future.”

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