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iPhone users: This $17 Prime Day deal means you never lose your wallet again

Eufy SmartTrack Card

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We’re a forgetful bunch of people in my house; it’s the sole reason we have a smart garage door opener and why “Have you seen my wallet” is the most uttered phrase at home. As iPhone users, we have our AirTags and take advantage of the Find My feature in AirPods and other devices, but the Eufy SmartTrack Card, which also works with the Find My network, has made the biggest difference, and it’s only $17 on Amazon as part of Prime Day. 

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This slim, 2.4 mm-thick card-shaped device fits your existing wallet as it’s not a coin-shaped tracker like the AirTag, so there’s no need to buy an extra wallet or AirTag holder to attach to your wallet. Another major difference from the AirTag, at least before the release of iOS 17, is that you can share the SmartTrack location with others using the Eufy Security app, something you can’t do with an AirTag on the Find My app. 

The SmartTrack Card uses Bluetooth to track the items, and you can get alerts any time your item is left behind when you depart from a place, get directions to your wallet, and play a loud alarm on it to find it easily. It’s only available for iOS as it only works with Apple Find My, and Android devices aren’t supported.

The Eufy SmartTrack Card is water-resistant, with a battery light lasting up to three years, as it’s not replaceable or rechargeable. It comes with a metal clip so you can clip it to the outside of your wallet to make it easier to hear and track, especially if you have RFID-protected wallets.

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