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iPhone 15 owners are reportedly having major issues with GM vehicles

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Just a month after the news that wirelessly charging your iPhone 15 in a BMW vehicle could potentially destroy your phone, another iPhone issue related to vehicles has emerged — and this time with GM vehicles.

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While the BMW bug has been fixed, in recent days, Reddit, the official Apple site, and other support forums have been awash with reports from users who can’t get the newest iPhone to charge wirelessly in Chevrolet, Buick, and Cadillac vehicles.

Most complaints seem to have emerged since users upgraded to iOS 17.1. In some cases, users can’t get their phones to charge at all. In other cases, the phones will charge for just a few seconds before stopping. Whether or not the device is in a case doesn’t seem to impact the issue, and in instances where users had an older phone before the iPhone 15, the older device charged just fine in the same vehicle.

Several users reported that rolling their phone back to iOS version 17.0.3 restored wireless charging, so the problem seems tied specifically to the newest version of Apple’s OS. Older iPhones running the same version of the operating system don’t seem to have any issues charging. 

In a statement to The Verge about the issue, a spokesperson from GM confirmed the company was aware of the issue, and while there was nothing to confirm, an investigation was underway.

Since the issue does seem tied to just the newest version of iOS, it should mean a relatively easy fix for Apple in a future update. 

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