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iOS 13: New features you might have missed

The best new features in iOS 13
With iOS 13 set to roll out on September 19, ZDNet’s Beth Mauder walks you through her five favorite new features and how you can add them to your iPhone. Read more: https://zd.net/2QbuNNR

If you use an iPhone for work, then you’ll want to be as productive as possible to allow you to get the most done in the minimum amount of time (and get to your home life or hobbies!). Here are a handful of tips to help make you more productive in iOS 13.

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#1: How to activate Dark Mode

It feels like people have been wanting iOS to have a Dark Mode for, well, forever. Well, now you get it… if you can find it!

There are two ways:

Go to Settings > Display & Brightness and choose Dark from Appearance.

Open up Control Center and tap and hold Brightness until it pops up to fill the screen. From there, tap Appearance to switch between Light to Dark modes.

How to activate Dark Mode

How to activate Dark Mode

#2: Cool new volume slider

Have you noticed the new, smaller, more discreet volume slider in iOS 13? No? Well do give the volume buttons a press. 

OK, cool, right? But there’s more. Once the slider is visible, you can interact with it using your finger instead of continuing to press the buttons.

Cool new volume slider

Cool new volume slider

#3: How to rearrange and delete apps

The way to rearrange and delete apps has changed in iOS 13. Now you press and hold down on an icon until Rearrange Apps appears and press on that. This will set all your apps wiggling, ready to be moved or deleted.

#4: Undo

Remember how undo in iOS was a shake of the handset? No, you probably don’t, because people just didn’t use this. Now Apple has added a new gesture — a swipe left with three fingers. And if you want to redo an action, it’s a three-finger swipe to the right.

#5: New formatting bar

Apple has added a new text formatting bar in iOS for apps that support it. You activate it by pressing down on the keyboard with three fingers.

#6: Easy Wi-Fi and Bluetooth access

Now you can access Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings without getting hip-deep in the Settings app. How? Bring up the Control Center pane and press and hold the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth buttons to switch between available networks and devices.

Easy Wi-Fi and Bluetooth access

Easy Wi-Fi and Bluetooth access

#7: Kill unknown callers

Well, not literally. Just prevent them from killing your time by sending them to voicemail directly. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Phone > and toggle to Silence Unknown Callers.

Kill unknown callers

Kill unknown callers

#8: Optimize battery charging

This is a really useful feature that is designed to slow down the speed with which batteries age (we’ll have to wait and see if it lives up to this expectation). This feature is called Optimised Battery Charging and lives in Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

Optimize battery charging

Optimize battery charging

#9: Zip and unzip files

Yes, now you can zip and unzip files using the updated Files app. To zip a file (or files, or a folder), press down and hold and from the popup menu choose Compress. To unzip, press and hold down on a zip file and choose Uncompress.

#10: Screenshot entire web pages

This is a super feature for Safari users. When you take a screenshot (press Volume Up + Power on devices with Face ID, and Power + Home Button on devices that have Touch ID), tap on the preview box to be offered the chance to save the Screen or Full Page.

Screenshot entire web pages

Screenshot entire web pages

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