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Intelli StepUp: Is this the perfect charger for Apple fans?

I’ve talked a few times about how Apple’s charging ecosystem is a mess. Everything feels like it’s designed and engineered with the idea that people have one Apple product.

How many Apple users just have one product?

Not many.

This means that if you have, say, an iPhone and an Apple Watch and AirPods — and you want to charge them simultaneously — you’re dealing with a pile of chargers and wires.

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What you need is a single platform that lets you charge everything with a single wire and a single charger.

Enter the Intelli StepUp magnetic wireless charging station.

So, what do you get? A MagSafe iPhone wireless charger compatible with the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, in addition to two pop-out pads for wireless charging an Apple Watch and the AirPods or AirPods Pro case.

Don’t have an Apple Watch of AirPods? Just slide the charging pad into the body of the charger.

Into the back you attach one cable, and pop that into a charger (not included).

Intelli StepUp tech specs:

Intelli StepUp tech specs:

  • Magnetic wireless charging compatible
  • Charges up to three devices simultaneously
  • 5W/7.5W/10W/15W wireless charging for iPhones
  • 5W wireless charging for AirPods
  • 2.5W wireless charging for Apple Watch
  • USB-C to USB-A cable included
  • Note that no wall charger is included, so you’ll need to provide your own. A 5V/2A USB-A charger (or if you’re willing to swap the cable out for USB-C-to-USB-C, any USB-C charger you have available) will work.


  • Simplifies and streamlines charging of multiple devices
  • Smart, functional charger
  • Does actually charge all three devices simultaneously


  • Pricey
  • No wall charger supplied

Reminder: Always check when using wireless charging that the device is actually charging.

Overall, I’m impressed with it. It doesn’t fit in my my lifestyle because the case I use on my iPhone doesn’t support magnetic wireless charging. But if your case does, this is a perfect solution to Apple’s charging mess.


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