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How to make folders on iPhone

Grouping apps into folders is a great step toward organizing your iPhone, and simplifying your experience on it. I loved when iOS started automatically grouping apps in the App Library, because I have always been a fan of keeping apps in the same category together.

There are two kinds of iPhone users in the world: those who go through their folders to find an app, and those who search for the app by name. I am definitely in the first group. Here are instructions to follow if you, too, want to be in the first group.

How to make app folders in iPhone

How to make folders on iPhone

Image: Maria Diaz / ZDNet

Step 1: Tap and hold your iPhone home screen until your apps begin to wiggle

Hold down on home screen until apps start to jiggle

Image: Maria Diaz / ZDNet

Step 2: Press on an app and drag it to another app to group them together

Drag and drop the apps to group them together

Image: Maria Diaz / ZDNet

Step 3: Drop the app into the created folder

Drop the app into the created folder

Image: Maria Diaz / ZDNet

A folder will be created for both apps; you can rename the folder and exit it by touching anywhere outside of it. 

Folders behave like apps when rearranging. So if you want to move the folder to a different spot, just hold your home screen again until the apps wiggle, then drag the folder to the new location.


Can you put a folder in a folder on iPhone?

It is possible to put a folder inside another one on your iPhone. Once you’ve created both folders, you can repeat the steps above and drop one folder into the other. 

Remember, folders behave like apps. So the apps from both folders won’t consolidate into one folder; there will be one folder inside another one.

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