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Google Pays Tribute to Wimbledon 2019 With Tennis Game Easter Egg: Here’s How to Find and Play It

Google is back with an Easter egg and this one is for all the tennis fans out there. The Easter egg is to celebrate the ongoing Wimbledon 2019 tennis championships. If you search for Wimbledon or #wimbledon, the score card appears as the main result. Scrolling to the right-most edge shows a tennis ball, and clicking on that will start a game of tennis. It’s you versus the robot, and more often than not, the robot wins. This deceptively simple game is quite addictive, and it’s hard to go on for long without missing a shot. It’s available both mobile and desktop.

The Easter egg is quite easy to spot, and to reiterate the steps – Open your browser > go to Google.com > Search for Wimbledon or #Wimbledon > Scroll to the right-most edge of the scorecard > Click on the Green Tennis Ball that appears as the last tab > Click on the Play icon. The tennis game, as mentioned, is between you and a robot, and the robot is in the shape of a cat or is in the shape of an Android even sometimes. You are always the one that makes the first serve, and after that it’s all about manoeuvring your player to successfully hit the ball. On desktop, you can use the left and right arrow key on the keyboard to move your player, and the game ends as soon as you miss a shot. Your score is the number of returns you deliver. On mobile, you need to tap on the left or right of the screen to move your player.

Note, that you may not be able to spot the Easter egg tennis ball on browsers other than Chrome. While some folks in our team were able to see it on Firefox, others weren’t. It was visible on Opera as well.

This isn’t the first Easter egg that Google has planted in its search results. The most recent one was an Infinity Gauntlet Easter egg that celebrated the hype around the movie Avengers: Endgame. Clicking on the gauntlet activated the Easter egg; and after every gauntlet snap, some search results disappeared from the list, as if they are being vaporised.

Let us know in the comments below if you could find the Easter egg, and what you thought of it!

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