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Google Maps’ new ‘glanceable directions’ feature means safer driving with less battery drain


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If you use Google Maps for navigation, a new feature will not only make your driving safer, it’ll make your phone’s battery last longer. 

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Starting today, Maps users on both Android and iOS gain access to glanceable directions (or turn-by-turn navigation), updated ETA, and the next turn, right from their phone’s lock screen. The feature works for driving, walking, and cycling.

Not only does this make your navigation more distraction-free, but it also cuts down on battery use since your screen isn’t in use the whole time.  

Glanceable directions will track your driving in the route overview even if you don’t actually tap the Start button for turn-by-turn navigation. For example, if you use Maps to find a route to a destination but don’t want guidance all along the way, you’ll still see a preview of your route.

Your navigation data will be collected, Google notes, to help improve Maps for other drivers. But that’s not new to this glanceable feature though, as the data has always been collected by Google when you’re using traditional turn-by-turn navigation.  

While Google Maps is already a favorite of many users, Google continues to make efforts to improve the experience. Just last year the company added an Immersive View that shows the interior of buildings, a search with live view mode that overlays directions on a live view when you hold up your phone, and features to help drivers find electric charging stations. 

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The new feature will be turned off by default, but you’ll be able to turn it on by heading to the settings menu in the Maps app and then navigation settings. You can turn it off at any time. 

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