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Google Images Section Updated to Focus on Shopping

Google has updated its Images section to show users shoppable results when they enter specifications like “green dress” or “black lamp”.

The update comes as Google makes a bigger push to make a dent in the online shopping space, in a bid to compete with Amazon.

“Starting today, when you select an image, it will appear in a side panel on the page next to the search results. Importantly, it will stay there as you scroll, letting you easily compare images with others on the page,” Mike Repass, Product Manager, Google Images, wrote in a blog post on Tuesday.

When a user would select a product image, they would also be able to see other details such as the brand, price, availability and reviews of the product.

For retailers and publishers, the update would redirect people to visit a webpage to get information to help them with a task, or to buy a product on their sites.

To boost its efforts of expanding in the e-commerce space earlier in May, Google began testing shopping links under YouTube videos.

The test feature displays product prices and recommendations under videos playing on the site, making it easier for viewers to buy them on Google.

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