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Google Chrome is headed to your car, with more new Android Auto features riding shotgun



If you use Android Auto in your vehicle or you drive a vehicle with Android software built in, Google dropped some new features at CES 2024 that you’ll want to know about.

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First up, electric vehicle owners will soon have the ability to share their car’s battery information with Google Maps, enabling them to see approximately how much battery will be left upon arrival at their destination. Charging stops will be suggested along the way, as well as an estimate of how long charging will take.

This was already something drivers of a car with Android built-in could do, but it’s headed to Android Auto in the coming months. The feature will start with Ford’s F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E, with other electric vehicles coming soon. 

Trip planning is getting a little easier too, Google said, thanks to a feature that’s starting to roll out today. When you plan a trip in Google Maps with an Android or iOS phone, you can send that trip directly to your car with Google built-in.

Also for cars with built-in Google, The Weather Channel app is now available, letting users view hourly forecasts that follow the driver, receive severe weather alerts, and see a “Trip View” radar on the dashboard.

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On the entertainment side, cars with built-in Android can now add several video streaming services and watch select shows from PBS Kids and Crunchyroll straight from the dashboard screen.

And last but certainly not least, Google Chrome is coming to cars that have Android built-in – while parked of course. The feature is starting with select Volvo and Polestar cars, but more are on the way, the company said. Users can access saved bookmarks, shop, watch videos, and more. 

Currently, vehicles from Volvo, GMC, Cadillac, Honda, Polestar, Renault and Chevrolet have built-in Google. Nissan, Ford and Lincoln models are rolling out this year, Google said, with Porsche planned for the near future.

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