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Galaxy Z Fold 6 camera leak doesn't suggest anything exciting

What you need to know

  • A new rumor suggests the Galaxy Z Fold 6 may not feature any changes to its cameras.
  • It suggests that the device will continue to feature a 50MP primary lens, a 12MP ultra-wide lens, a 10MP cover display camera, and a 4MP selfie lens.
  • Samsung tends to keep certain hardware aspects the same for two years, which means perhaps there’s still hope for better Fold 6 cameras.

A new round of leaks has surfaced regarding Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6 and its array of cameras.

The leaks stem from GalaxyClub (Dutch), which states the Korean OEM's 2024 book-style foldable cameras might not change (via SamMobile). The rumors begin by stating Samsung “is planning” to provide a 50MP primary sensor on the back of the Fold 6. This may be paired with a smaller, 12MP ultra-wide angle lens on the rear array, as well.

The publication states that the front-facing lens on its external display will supposedly arrive at 10MP. Internally, the under-display selfie camera is rumored to feature a strength of 4MP.

Additionally, it is currently suspected that Samsung will keep the Fold 6 close to the Galaxy S24 (and its predecessor), as it may provide a 10MP telephoto lens with 3x zoom.

When comparing this rumor to the Galaxy Z Fold 5, everything's pretty much the same. This is a bit disappointing as the Fold 6 may continue to slip behind other foldable makers camera-wise. One of Android Central's hopes for Samsung's 2024 foldable involves better camera technology. It'd be nice if the device could offer a telephoto lens with increased range, as many other brands offer at least 5x zoom.

However, there could be some hope. Samsung is known for keeping certain aspects of its hardware consistent for at least two years. A quick example would be the camera capabilities of Fold 4 and Fold 5. If the company's past cadence is anything to go by, these next few months may spin a different tale about its cameras.

Rumors from December suggested the Fold 6, along with the Flip 6, could be in line for some display upgrades. Sources claim the book-style device could feature an altered design that mirrors the Galaxy S25 while also switching up its cover display's aspect ratio. It's assumed this could be done in acknowledgment of consumers' discomfort with the tall and narrow experience on the Fold 5.

Lastly, while codenames for Samsung's upcoming Fold 6 and Flip 6 were spotted, it looks like the company is working on a cheaper Fold. This unnamed device featured the codename “Q6A,” which mirrors the upcoming Fold 6's “Q6” title.


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