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Forget FineWoven: This is a fabric iPhone 15 Pro case done right

Peak Design Everyday Case for iPhone 15 Pro Max

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After making the decision to buy an Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max last month, I set out on my quest to find the best protective case, one that offered improved handling, comfort, and functionality. That’s how I ended up checking out Peak Design.

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I’ve written in the past about the extensive Peak Design accessory ecosystem that’s built upon its SlimLink technology. One of the main reasons I look to Peak Design for my phone cases is the ability to have extremely secure ways to mount my iPhone, whether it be on my commuter bike or car mount. 

The company also now offers an Everyday Case with Loop, so you can slide a finger in the back of the case, similar to how you would with a PopSocket attachment.

Peak Design Everyday Case for iPhone 15 Pro Max


Peak Design Everyday Case

The Peak Design Every Fabric case provides excellent protection from bumps and scratches and feels great in hand.

Apple’s decision to replace the alert switch on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max with an Action Button resulted in some case makers having an opening on the left side of cases and others just covering it up. Peak Design leaves the button area open, which I prefer. I haven’t had issues pressing the new Action button reliably.


Matthew Miller/ZDNET

Why do I point this out? Because Peak Design is currently offering three replacement options if you were among the early buyers of the new Everyday cases and are dissatisfied with the cut-out design. For those customers, you can either receive a button-fix kit and credit, a $40 credit and keep the case, or have the case be replaced with one that has a raised Action Button. This attention to customer experience is one of the reasons why Peak Design is the first place I go for phone cases.

I’ve covered the other details of the Everyday Case in other articles — and the design remains the same this time around, which is great. While the Charcoal case was the only color offered for a few years, consumers can also now choose from Midnight (blue), Sun (mustard yellow), Redwood (burgundy), and Sage (light green). I have a Natural Titanium iPhone 15 Pro Max, and it looks stunning with the Redwood and Sage finishes.

And if you fancy a wallet case, Peak Design now offers a new magnetic wallet attachment that doubles as a kickstand. It’s available in the same five color options as the Everyday Case so you can mix and match.

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I’ve had a Stand Wallet for a couple of years and enjoy using it with the Peak Design case because it provides a rock-solid stand for watching video content in landscape orientation and making FaceTime calls in portrait orientation. And with iOS 17, if you charge your iPhone while it’s rotated to landscape orientation, the accessory doubles as a Standby Mode dock.


Matthew Miller/ZDNET

Ultimately, the Peak Design case works in tandem with the company’s various mounting accessories, including one for motorcycles, one for car vents, and even one for a foldable tripod. The SlimLink design of the case is perfect for content creators and commuters who want a secure way to stay connected with their phones at all times.

ZDNET’s buying advice

There is an overwhelming number of case options for the iPhone, but if you want one that’s both protective and functional, then the Peak Design Everyday Case is the best place to start. The Stand Wallet and Slim Wallet are excellent companion accessories for carrying cards that can’t be stored digitally on your iPhone. And the new colors give you more customization options than ever before.

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