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Finally, an iPhone car mount with Qi2 charging and won’t break the bank

ESR Qi2 15W MagSafe car mount charger

The device securely clamps onto your car’s dash or air vent.

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ZDNET’s key takeaways

  • The ESR Qi2 15W MagSafe wireless car charger is currently available from Amazon for 20% off.
  • It’s a reliable, high-speed wireless charger with a clamp or an adhesive mount. 
  • You do have to supply your own 12V-to-USB-C car adapter.

Do you love your current in-car wireless iPhone charger but are frustrated by its slower speed compared to a cable? You need an upgrade to a next-gen Qi2 charger. 

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The ESR Qi2 15W MagSafe car mount charger represents one of the best options on the market. Plus, there’s a time-limited deal offering an additional 20% off, bringing the price down to just $24. 

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ESR Qi2 15W MagSafe car charger tech specs

  • Provides Qi2-certified, 15W MagSafe iPhone charging
  • The powerful ring of magnets has 1,600 grams of holding force to keep your phone securely in place
  • Mountable on your car’s air vent or dashboard
  • Easily switches between portrait and landscape modes
  • What’s Included: MagSafe Car Mount Charger, air vent mount, dashboard anchor, 3.3-ft/1m USB-C to USB-C cable, USB-C to USB-A adapter (car charging adapter not included)
Compact but powerful charging head

The charging head is compact but powerful. 

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNET

Note that you will need a car charger capable of outputting at least 9V/2.25A to get the full 15W output from this Qi2 wireless charger. A cheap but good option is this 2-pack for only $10, or of you want a high-power car charger that could charge your MacBook Pro, go for this more expensive option

The Qi2 wireless charging standard enables full 15W charging speeds from non-Apple MagSafe chargers, allowing you the convenience of magnetic charging without the frustration of slow speeds. 

The ESR Qi2 15W MagSafe car charger features a Qi2-certified charging head combined with a strong magnetic ring to securely hold your iPhone in place, regardless of road conditions.

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This charger offers two mounting options: a highly effective vent clamp and an adhesive mount that uses high-quality 3M adhesive for a secure dashboard attachment. I’ve tested both methods and found them reliable.

Adhesive mount

The charger’s adhesive mount. 

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNET

There are three key aspects I consider when evaluating a car wireless charger:

  • Ease of installation: The two mounting options provided with this charger make installation straightforward, earning it a thumbs up in this category.
  • Performance as advertised: It is crucial that the charger meets its promised output, and this one does precisely that.
  • Reliability: Many wireless chargers fall short here, overheating during prolonged use and failing. However, after logging several hundred miles using this charger, I’ve encountered no issues with this unit, which is a testament to its reliability. 
One of the best vent mounts on the market

The vent mount is one of the best on the market. 

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNET

This wireless charger has impressed me so much that it has now replaced my older one — an earlier ESR charger, which served me well for over a year.

ZDNET’s buying advice

The ESR Qi2 15W MagSafe car charger is as close to perfect as wireless car chargers get. The charger itself is sturdy and well made, the magnets hold the iPhone in place securely, and the two options for mounting — vent or adhesive — give this a great deal of flexibility. And for under $30, it’s an absolute steal.

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