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Eve’s $40 HomeKit Motion sensor just received a pretty big update


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Eve Systems on Thursday announced a new version of its Smart Motion Sensor. The $40 sensor works with Apple’s HomeKit smart home platform, allowing HomeKit users to create automations whenever the sensor detects motion. As part of the motion sensor update, Eve added a light sensor to further the automation capabilities in HomeKit. 

For example, you can use the light sensor to turn a light on or off based on the amount of natural light in a room. Or you can use the motion portion of the sensor to turn a light on when you walk into a room and then turn it off after motion hasn’t been detected for a set amount of time. It’s powered by two AAA batteries, has Bluetooth connectivity, and can be used inside or outside, thanks to an IPX3 water resistance rating. 

But perhaps the biggest update Eve made to the Motion Sensor is the addition of Thread. Thread is part of a new connectivity standard called Matter. Using an Apple TV 4K or HomePod Mini as a central hub, Thread makes it quicker and easier for compatible devices — no matter who makes them — to communicate with each other. 

When Thread officially launches later this year, the promise is that you’ll be able to control your Nest thermostat in your iPhone’s Home app or view the Eve Motion Sensor in the Google Home app without any workarounds. 

Eve has slowly and methodically been updating all of its smart home devices to support Thread and Matter, with the Motion Sensor being the fourteenth device that’s received the Thread treatment. 

You can order the updated Motion Sensor from Eve for $39.95 right now.

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