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Don’t waste your money on these Apple products: January 2022 edition

2022 is here. A fresh new year awaits.  

This is that time of year where sales of consumer electronics takes a bit of a dip following the holiday period, but with coronavirus still dominating the news and working (and learning) from home looks like it’s going to be a thing for the foreseeable future, there’s going to be people looking to buy things.

And a sizable chunk of those products will be Apple products.

Apple is an interesting company. Some products go through a regular refresh cycle (the

 being the one that most people know), while other products are left to wither and rot. This means that there are products that are fresh and those that are not.

Here is my list of products to avoid, along with a list of Apple products that I recommend.

The “Avoid” list:

  • iPhone SE

    : The SE was a superb handset when first released, but didn’t see a refresh this year. And now that it’s over a year old, it’s not the super deal that it was when it first launched in 2020, especially since the price is unchanged.

  • HomePod

    : No. 

     is okay to buy, though.

  • Apple Watch SE/Series 3

    : I’d give both of these a wide berth. The SE is a year old, and the
    Series 3

     is still hanging on after four years. Both feel overpriced compared to the
    Series 7

    . The 3 Series seems like a particularly bad buy, and mostly what I hear from people who still use one is bad things.

  • Mac Pro

    : With the transition to Apple Silicon underway, this huge monetary investment just doesn’t make sense at this point in time. 

  • iPod touch

    : Don’t touch that! I think that this product is long overdue for a refresh, and it might get one later this year, or Apple will finally toss it on the recycling heap and call the iPod dead.

The “Recommended” list:



Blowing away the competition, Apple’s AirTags are the perfect gift for someone who constantly loses things.

Well made, robust, and with a replaceable battery, these will make lost keys or wallets a thing of the past.

Save $79



The best earbuds out there, and they integrate so well with the rest of the Apple ecosystem. Great sound, super comfortable, and great battery life. 

Two years on from their release, these are still my favorite earbuds.



Without a doubt, this is the best smartphone out there. 

The display is beautiful, the camera is superb, and the battery life is far ahead of the competition.

Save $100



This is a great alternative to a laptop (especially for those in the Apple ecosystem). Powered by Apple’s M1 chip, it’s a huge upgrade compared to earlier iPad Pro tablets.

Paired with the beautiful XDR display and camera array featuring a 12MP wide camera, 10MP ultra-wide camera, and even a LiDAR scanner, this is a great product for both work and play.

Save $150


This is a super-powerful laptop in a small, 13.3-inch form factor. 

The M1 chip blows away anything that Intel could bring to a Mac, and it allows for incredible performance combined with unprecedented battery life.

My top tips for buying Apple products

  • Shop around — Apple is not the cheapest place to buy Apple products (although for some products, it could be the only place).
  • Order early — The global chip shortage is causing longer than usual shipping times for some products, so plan ahead!
  • Make sure you know what you are buying — For example, the latest AirPods are the 3rd-generation model, not the 2nd-generation versions (which I still see for sale for a premium price in a lot of places).
  • Warranties — Apple has no problems with new, genuine products bought from third-parties, so don’t feel that you’re tied to buying direct from Apple.

Have I missed anything off the list? Drop me a note and let me know in the comments!

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