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Comcast navigates cord cutting with broadband, business, wireless

Comcast added 309,000 customer accounts in the third quarter as its broadband, business and wireless services offset declines in video.

The cable and media giant delivered strong third quarter results, but the biggest takeaway is that the company is managing to transform its business mix via adding services, software and responding to shifts in customer preferences. See:

Comcast’s third quarter customer tally tells the tale. In short, Comcast is adding broadband customers buying one service. In the third quarter, Comcast added 379,000 one product residential customers. That offset declines in bundles. Residential high speed internet customers added were 359,000 and business additions were 20,000.

Wireless lines added in the third quarter for Comcast were 204,000 to give the company 1.79 million wireless customers.


Comcast customer data in thousands.

For the third quarter, Comcast reported revenue of $26.83 billion, up 21.2% from a year ago. Net income was $3.22 billion with earnings per share of 70 cents.

The fastest growing businesses within the Comcast cable unit were broadband, business services and wireless. 

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