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Phishing awareness training wears off after a few months

Image: Sebastian Herrmann Security and phishing awareness programs wear off in time, and employees need to be re-trained after around six months, according to a paper presented at the USENIX SOUPS security conference last month. The purpose of the paper was to analyze the effectiveness of phishing training in time. ...

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Spammers use hexadecimal IP addresses to evade detection

A spam group has picked up a pretty clever trick that has allowed it to bypass email filters and security systems and land in more inboxes than usual. The trick relies on a quirk in RFC791 — a standard that describes the Internet Protocol (IP). Among the various technical details, RFC791 is ...

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Leaky server exposes users of dating site network

An online database left exposed online without a password has leaked the personal details of hundreds of thousands of users who signed up for online dating sites. The leaky database, an Elasticsearch server, was discovered at the end of August by security researchers from vpnMentor. The database was taken offline ...

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