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Stantinko’s Linux malware now poses as an Apache web server

Stantinko, one of the oldest malware botnets still operating today, has rolled out updates to its class of Linux malware, upgrading its trojan to pose as the legitimate Apache web server process (httpd) in order to make detection harder on infected hosts. The upgrades, spotted by security firm Intezer Labs, come ...

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Manchester United football club discloses security breach

Image: Alessio Festa European football club Manchester United disclosed on late Friday a cyber-security incident that impacted its internal systems. The football club said it’s still investigating the incident and couldn’t say if the breach allowed the intruders to access data associated with fans or store customers. While the club ...

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Two Romanians arrested for running three malware services

A part of the CyberSeal ads posted on a hacking forum Image: ZDNet Romanian police forces have arrested on Thursday two individuals suspected of running three online services meant to aid malware development and distribution. The arrests are part of a joint operation that included the FBI, Europol, Australian, and ...

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Palo Alto Networks rolls out new 5G security offering

Palo Alto Networks is rolling out new 5G security capabilities that the company said are designed to help service providers and enterprises secure and protect global network traffic in the 5G era. The offering aims to provide granular network visibility and control across all 5G network layers and traffic, giving ...

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Microsoft says three APTs have targeted seven COVID-19 vaccine makers

Image: Emin Baycan Microsoft says it detected three state-sponsored hacking operations (also known as APTs) that have launched cyber-attacks on at least seven prominent companies involved in COVID-19 vaccines research and treatments. Special feature Cyberwar and the Future of Cybersecurity Today’s security threats have expanded in scope and seriousness. There can ...

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