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Tails, the security-focused OS, adds support for Secure Boot

Image: Tails Project Tail OS, an operating system optimized for privacy and anonymity, has released version 4.5 this week, the first version that supports a crucial security feature named UEFI Secure Boot. Secure Boot works by using cryptographic signatures to verify that firmware files loaded during a computer’s boot-up process ...

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Docker servers targeted by new Kinsing malware campaign

Image: Aqua For the past few months, a malware operation has been scanning the internet for Docker servers running API ports exposed on the internet without a password. Hackers are then breaking into unprotected hosts and installing a new crypto-mining malware strain named Kinsing. Attacks began last year and are ...

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RDP and VPN use skyrocketed since coronavirus onset

Image: Shodan The use of remote access technologies like RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) and VPN (Virtual Private Network) has skyrocketed 41% and 33%, respectively, since the onset of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The move comes as a large number of companies have asked staff to work from home, which usually ...

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