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Best VPN 2020: NordVPN, PureVPN, others with free VPN tiers

Fundamentally, most VPNs (virtual private network) provide two services: Encrypting your data between two points and hiding the IP address (from which a general location can be derived) where you’re located. For those traveling or out and about, the first function was critical because most Wi-Fi available publicly is unencrypted ...

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Celona aims to make private enterprise 5G networks commonplace

Celona, a startup, is launching technology that will make it easier for enterprises to deploy private LTE/5G wireless networks with one platform. The technology, called MicroSlicing, uses software to abstract cellular wireless network design and translate it into a framework similar to what IT departments manage today. Celona’s platform also ...

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Photon juggling: One big quantum processor from 100 little ones

The processing assembly for Google’s Sycamore quantum computer. In the not-terribly-distant past, the goal of quantum computing research was to achieve a milestone called quantum supremacy: the point in time when a quantum computer can, in practical terms, be considered superior to a classical, semiconductor-based computer for processing any task you ...

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Users shift off 100/40Mbps NBN plans

Image: ACCC Even though they only make up a small portion of its customer base, there has been quite the shift in how users are connecting to NBN on plans offering speeds at or in excess of 100Mbps. In the latest edition of the ACCC’s NBN Wholesale Market Indicators Report, ...

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5G’s mmWave enterprise revolution derailed by COVID-19

Special feature The Rise of Industrial IoT Infrastructure around the world is being linked together via sensors, machine learning and analytics. We examine the rise of the digital twin, the new leaders in industrial IoT (IIoT) and case studies that highlight the lessons learned from production IIoT deployments. Read More ...

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Committee waves Australian spectrum reform changes through

Image: Chris Duckett/ZDNet The Senate Standing Committee on Environment and Communications handed down its report into the Radiocommunications Legislation Amendment (Reform and Modernisation) Bill 2020 on Wednesday, making a sole recommendation that the Bill be passed. “The committee considers that it is of the utmost important [sic] that these Bills ...

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