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Best camera phone 2021: Take the best photos and videos

One area that differentiates smartphones today is camera technology. The cameras on phones are optimized for photos, videos, telephoto subjects, ultra-wide landscapes, selfies, and more. It’s not just hardware either, as some with basic hardware have advanced software algorithms and AI to provide optimal imaging experiences. Camera capability is closely ...

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Apple! Stop greenwashing and start caring for the planet

Apple talks a lot about the environment and its sustainability measures.  The company is quick to point out “the environment” on each new product release and it markets every product on its website in terms of environmental impact. Customers are also told how Apple products are “good for the planet.” ...

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Check your iPhone for compromised passwords… NOW!

Compromised passwords are a fast track to all sorts of online headaches.  But thankfully iOS makes it quite easy to do a quick audit of your passwords for compromised passwords, allowing you to change them before problems escalate. And it’ll take you less than five minutes. Here’s how. Tap on ...

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Apple cuts iPhone production due to chip shortage, says Bloomberg

Apple is cutting production of its iPhone 13, released last month, by over 10% because suppliers Broadcom and Texas Instruments can’t deliver enough chips for the phone, according to a report today by Bloomberg’s Debby Wu, citing multiple unnamed sources.  Wrote Wu, “Apple Inc. is likely to slash its projected ...

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iPhone 13 review: Good enough to be the best Review

After testing the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, it’s clear that both models are the best iPhones available right now. But they’re also the most expensive, with prices starting at $999 and $1,099, respectively.  Filling in the rest of Apple’s 2021 smartphone lineup is the $799 iPhone 13 ...

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