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Best language learning app 2021: Top 7 apps compared

Are you considering learning a second language? Thanks to technology, there’s never been a better time to master another language. Gone are the days of signing up for a class or buying textbooks. Now all you need is your smartphone. There are dozens of outstanding language learning apps to choose ...

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WWDC 2021: Everything new in iPadOS 15

Apple just revealed its plans for the iPad lineup by previewing the next version of its operating system, iPadOS 15. The announcement was made during the opening keynote of this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference . Due to the pandemic, the entire event was once again held virtually and live-streamed.  What’s ...

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A simple iPhone tweak to make it easier to use in summer

Here’s a quick iPhone tweak you can do to make Face ID work better when you’re wearing sunglasses. Do you find that your iPhone’s Face ID doesn’t work so well when you’re wearing sunglasses? That’s because, by default, the iPhone tries to determine if you actually want to unlock the ...

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Apple unveils powerful new accessibility features

Apple has unveiled a raft of new accessibility features that it will be rolling out over the coming months. The first is SignTime. Launching May 20, customers in the US, UK, and France will be able to communicate with AppleCare and Retail Customer Care support staff using sign language. Customers ...

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iPhone app tracking feature greyed out? Try this fix

One of the most anticipated — or hated if you are Facebook — features in iOS 14.5.1 has been the new app tracking transparency tool that means that developers must ask users for permission to use their data to track them for targeted advertising purposes. But the feature isn’t working ...

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iOS 14.4 Bluetooth bug, along with a possible fix

Bluetooth problems are plaguing some iPhone users, causing annoying headphone glitches. The problem, which was first reported to me by readers, manifests itself as periodic disconnections. Sometimes the headphones will reconnect, other times the problem requires Bluetooth to be switched off and on, and at its worst, it requires a ...

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