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Best thin cases for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 2023

A phone cover is one of the most fundamental accessories to buy for your S23 Ultra. Since it's quite a big phone as is, a thin case is better suited for your top-of-the-line Android device. There are plenty of robust thin covers readily available for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. We've rounded off all the best options right here for you to browse through.

Get one of these sleek covers for your S23 Ultra

These cases don't bulk up your S23 Ultra

There is absolutely no shortage of incredible S23 Ultra cases out there, but some of them can be a bit too thick for everyday use. If you don't like bulky phone covers, a thin case is the way to go. Don't worry, the number of awesome thin cases for the S23 Ultra isn't less either, even if it is a niche in the larger market.

The Incipio Duo looks fabulous on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. This stylish slim case has a wonderfully grippy texture all around. You can easily use all the wireless charging features of your phone since the case is so compact. The antimicrobial layer on top kills germs and the raised bezels add 12ft drop protection.

Need something unique? The Spigen Cryo Armor looks very different from the slew of sleek covers out there. Its hexagonal pattern keeps the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra cool as it allows better airflow. The insides are designed cleverly with air gaps for better impact absorption and the case meets the military standard of drop protection.

Once you're done picking a nice case, grab a screen protector for your S23 Ultra if you don't have one already. Not even the most heavy-duty covers can protect your screen from cracking sometimes.


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