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Best iPad accessories 2022: Docks, hubs, and more

For some, Apple’s iPad is more than just a tablet. It’s a computer. We’re nearly two years into trackpad and mouse support in iPadOS, and since then the iPad lineup has never looked or worked more like a laptop. 

However, with only a single port on the Pro and Air, connecting multiple accessories to the tablet can be a chore. For example, if you’re using the iPad with a USB keyboard, you have to disconnect the keyboard if you want to transfer some files to an external SSD. 

The 2021 iPad Pro and the fifth-generation iPad Air both have a USB-C port, as did the previous iPad Pro models, and the fourth-generation iPad Air. On top of USB-C support, the latest iPad Pro supports Thunderbolt. That means you can take advantage of faster transfer speeds and connect Thunderbolt monitors directly to the tablet. 

There are several docks and hubs that make connecting multiple devices and accessories, including external monitors, to the iPad a breeze. Below you’ll find a mix of devices from various companies at a wide range of price points that I’ve personally tested with the 2021 iPad Pro.

I specifically picked devices that would appeal to all types of iPad users, ranging from someone who just wants a couple of extra ports to someone who wants a dedicated workstation.

Anker USB-C Hub 7-in-1

Low-cost solution with a number of ports

Anker 7-in-1 hub.jpg


Anker’s USB-C 7-in-1 hub is the most affordable option of the group, but don’t discount its capabilities. As is often the case with hubs, the name includes the number of ports that it has. 

More specifically, this Anker hub has 2 x USB-A ports, 1 x USB-C port with Power Delivery at up to 85W for charging your iPad or laptop, 1 x USB-C data port, 1 x HDMI port, 1 x microSD card slot, and 1 x standard SD card slot.

The HDMI port supports a single 4K display with a refresh rate of 30Hz, and the USB ports (both A and C) support up to 5Gbps transfer speeds for transferring files. 


  • Affordable 
  • Gives your iPad extra ports 


  • Lacks support for faster display refresh rates 
  • No support for audio or Ethernet connections

Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter

Paying a premium for an Apple product

Apple Mutliport Adapter.jpg


Apple’s own USB-C adapter was originally released for MacBooks, but it also works with the company’s iPad Pro and Air tablet lineup. You’re paying a premium for an Apple product, however. There are only three ports on the AV Multiport Adapter: HDMI, USB-A, and USB-C.

The USB-A port works with external hard drives or accessories, while the USB-C port only acts as a power pass-through for charging your iPad (or MacBook). The HDMI port supports up to 4K at 60Hz for all iPad models and a limited selection of MacBook models.

I included Apple’s hub in the list simply because, if you’ve owned a MacBook after Apple switched to USB-C, odds are you also have one of these adapters. I wanted to highlight that it does indeed work with the iPad Pro or Air and does a good job at providing minimal connections.

It’s expensive for what it offers, but that’s usually the case with Apple accessories (and some products.)


  • Also supports some MacBook models 
  • Works with hard drives or can provide power


  • Expensive 
  • Only three ports

CalDigit USB-C Soho Dock

Connect random accessories and devices to your iPad

CalDigit SOHO dock.jpg


For $10 more than Apple’s adapter, you can get the CalDigit USB-C Soho Dock. With a total of eight ports, you can connect random accessories and devices to your iPad without having to figure out what to unplug.

The total list of ports includes 1 x USB-C (10Gb/s) that connects the dock to your iPad. There’s another USB-C port next to a standard USB port, both of which offer 10Gb/s speeds, a full-size SD card port, and a microSD card port. When it comes to external displays, you have an HDMI port and a DisplayPort with 4K@60Hz with HDR support. Next to the display connections is another USB-C port that only serves as a 100W PD receptacle to power all of your USB devices and charge the tablet or computer attached to the dock.

Instead of lengthy housing, the Soho has a rectangular design with ports on three of four sides. It’s a unique design since most hubs (like the aforementioned Anker) have a similar design.At $80, the Soho isn’t overpriced and offers a wide range of connections and speeds. 


  • Plenty of port options 
  • Unique design


HyperDrive Power 9-in-1

Near the high-end of the docks



The HyperDrive Power 9-in-1 hub is near the high-end of the docks I cover here, but for good reason. With nine total ports and a lengthy USB-C cable that connects to the iPad, there’s not a lot you can’t connect to or do with the HyperDrive.

The ports include 1 x Gigabit Ethernet, 1 x 4K@30Hz, 1 x microSD, 1 x SD card reader, 3 x USB-A (5Gbps), 1 x USB-C PD at 60W, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The headphone jack may be confusing at first glance, and I’ll admit even I was perplexed by it. Then I remember that, whenever you’re using a dock or hub with the iPad, it automatically routes all audio through the HDMI connection. By connecting a speaker or a pair of headphones to the audio jack on the Power hub, you’re able to listen to system sounds or music.

For someone who needs more than one or two USB ports, and prefers a hardwired Ethernet connection, the HyperDrive Power is where it’s at. 


  • Provides a hardwired Ethernet connection 
  • Nine total ports 


  • Headphone jack can be confusing 
  • Most expensive option on our list

TwelveSouth HoverBar Duo

Mimic a desktop feel

TwelveSouth HoverBar Duo.jpg


While the HoverBar Duo isn’t a hub, it lends itself to being included in this list because it provides a way to use the iPad in a way that mimics a desktop feel. 

I’ve used the HoverBar Duo with my 12.9-inch iPad Pro and all of the hubs discussed here. Effectively, you could combine the HoverBar Duo with the HyperDrive Power and you’d have a similar amount of ports and setup as the StudioDock for about half the price.


  • Turns your iPad into a desktop of sorts 
  • Fully adjustable arm 


  • If you use an iPad case on your device, this may not fit it
  • Can vibrate a little too much

How did we choose these iPad accessories?

I spent a lot of time using all of the hubs and docks mentioned here, along with countless others, with a 2018 iPad Pro, and then a 2021 iPad Pro. I used each dock or hub for several days, testing the ports, connections, and reliability of the accessory during my time using it. 

At times, my iPad would be connected to an external display. Other times, the hub would only serve as a means to connect external storage and accessories to the tablet, without a display attached. 

Which iPad accessory is right for you?

The type of hub you want or need for your iPad will depend on your budget and how you use the tablet. Something like the Studio Dock is clearly for someone who uses the iPad as a computer replacement and doesn’t mind paying a lot for it. It’s easily the most versatile gadget out of the group. 

Whereas the Anker hub is for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot on a hub and doesn’t mind if it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles as the rest of the hubs covered. 

iPad Hubs

Hub Price Ports
Anker USB-C $34.99 4K HDMI, 2 x USB 3.0, SD card, MicroSD card, USB-C 100W PD, USB-C
Apple USB-C Digital AV Adapter $69 4K HDMI, USB, USB-C
CalDigit USB-C Soho $79 2 x USB-C for data, 1 x USB-C power passthrough, 1 x USB-A, 1 x DisplayPort 1.4, 1 x HDMI 2.0b, 1 x SD card reader, 1 x microSD card reader
HyperDrive Power $99.00 1 x Gigabit Ethernet, 1 x 4K HDMI, 1 x microSD card reader, 1 x SD card reader, 3 x USB-A, 1 x USB-C PD at 60W, and a 3.5mm headphone jack

Will the iPad work with an Ethernet connection?

Even though the iPad doesn’t have an Ethernet connection, Apple’s tablet lineup does, indeed, support using Ethernet as means to connect to the internet. In fact, you’ll even see a new option in the settings app when your iPad detects it’s using a wired connection. 

Are there alternative iPad accessories worth considering?

Here are a few other options to look into:

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