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Best Black Friday tablet deals 2021: Save big on iPads, Galaxy Tabs, and Kindles


Tablets are quintessential if phones are too small and laptops are too big for your needs. If you want to upgrade your current tablet to the best — for less, then choice abounds for Android and Apple-powered tablet options this holiday shopping season.

The Black Friday deals have started early so we have compiled a list of the best value offerings that you can get your hands on today.

$150.99 off



The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is an 11-inch tablet that comes bundled with a stylus — the S Pen. It’s one of Samsung’s latest offerings so you can expect flagship-tier specs, including up to 512GB of storage, a dual-camera setup, 120Hz refresh rate, and super fast charging. Grab this deal and save $150.

$40 off


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite has an 8.7-inch screen and promises up to 13 hours of battery life — depending on your usage. For the price, it’s a no-frills tablet that provides the best of Samsung’s OneUI software and Android 11. On sale for $119.99 ($40 off), Amazon will throw in a bonus of two months of YouTube premium too.

$50 off


The latest-gen iPad Pro launched earlier this year and has proven to be a reliable and portable work machine. I think the 11-inch model is the perfect tablet size and sits comfortably in the hands thanks to the slim bezels. The iPad Pro is currently on sale at Best Buy for $749.99 ($50 off) and comes with 128GB of internal storage, though you can always opt into an iCloud subscription if you crave more.

$125 off



Currently being offered with a $125 discount, the Fire HD 10 tablet bundle includes a Bluetooth keyboard, a detachable case, and a 12-month subscription to Microsoft 365 Personal edition. It’s promised to deliver over 400 hours of battery life, but your usage will be the ultimate determiner. This 10.1-inch tablet gives you all the productivity tools you need for school or work.

$40 off


An e-reader makes for the perfect gift to kindle any bookworm’s heart. Amazon’s infamous Kindle brand produces excellent e-readers that won’t break the bank. The original Kindle is currently on sale at Amazon for $49.99 ($40 off) and comes with 4GB of memory for reading on and offline.

$70 off


The Fire HD 8 Kids tablet is the vehicle of choice for kids’ learning, gaming, and entertainment. I recommend this tablet for its harmonious blend of hardware and software — both of which take into account the end-user: children! For starters, the tablet has a rugged, soft-touch design which makes it easy to carry, and most importantly, shatter-proof. Power it on and you’re welcomed with an interface that’s packed with kids games, learning modules, and other digital activities to keep them busy. Buy one now for just $69.99 ($70 off).

$40 off



Coopers produces a variety of entry-level Android tablets including this offering. For the $88 price tag, I recommend it for the long-lasting 6,000mAH battery, large 10-inch screen, and Android operating system — meaning you can download and use apps from Google’s Play Store. It connects to Wi-Fi only (no SIM card in this version), but with a $40 off deal, the tablet makes for a great secondary option or for kids.

We will be on the lookout for all the best tablet deals available over the next month.  Follow this page for the most up-to-date promotions available.

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