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Best Apple iPad deals available right now: January 2022



Apple’s original iPad essentially defined the tablet product category more than a decade ago. Today, the line is more diverse than ever, offering everything from a budget-minded, updated version of the original, to a refreshed Mini, and higher end Air and Pro models for tablet enthusiasts with more advanced needs. While Apple’s range of variants mean it’s more affordable than ever to grab yourself an iPad, every model here is still a sizable enough purchase that you’d likely want to do some comprehensive research before clicking that buy button. Thankfully for your sanity and free time, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and collected the best deals currently available for every model of iPad out now. 


Retail Price 

Best Available Price



$299 ($30 off)

iPad Mini


$449 ($50 off)

iPad Air 


$539 ($60 off)

iPad Pro

11-inch $799

12-inch $1099

11-inch: $749

12-inch: $999


Apple iPad (9th Generation) for $299

Apple’s iPad launched as the company’s top-end tablet offering. In the years since, its perch has been filled by the iPad Air and iPad Pro. Luckily for shoppers, this means the original iPad has actually seen its price drop in the decade since its original launch. Today’s iPad is more affordable than ever, representing one of the best values yet, thanks to Apple doubling its base storage tier. This positions it as a versatile, ideal option for students, couch-based streaming media connoisseurs, and casual gamers. ZDNet’s own Jason Cipriani called it “a good fit for nearly everyone.” Walmart is currently your best bet for finding a discounted iPad thanks to its $30 savings that drop the price to $299 for one of the best tablets on the market. 

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Apple iPad Mini (6th Generation) for $449

Save $50

Apple’s iPad Mini has gone in and out of production several times since its initial launch. It seems the world’s need for smaller tablets tends to wax and wane. In its sixth iteration of the diminutive tablet, Apple decided to appeal to power users that wanted something they could fit in any bag, and even some bigger pockets. It created a completely redesigned iPad Mini with a processor even faster than the base iPad, Apple Pencil support, and design cues drawn from the iPad Pro and recent iPads Air. Our Jason Cipriani praised the design refresh, strong performance, and “unmatched portability.” Right now, the best deal available can be found on Apple’s own Education Store, where buyers can score an iPad mini for a $50 discount, bringing it down to $449. If you don’t have a student or teacher in your life, you can also snag one from Amazon for a more modest $6 discount at $494

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2020 Apple iPad Air (10.9-inch)

Apple iPad Air (4th Generation) for $539

Save $60

Apple’s iPad Air continues to exist as the middle ground between its standard model and the new iPad Pro. It’s currently the cheapest option capable of using Apple’s full Magic Keyboard, and the least expensive full-sized model to use Apple’s most recent design aesthetic and edge-to-edge display. It’s an ideal solution for users that need a little more power and screen real estate than the standard model can provide, but not all of the maxed out features of the more expensive iPad Pro. Our resident expert noted the latest model’s excellent ability to balance productivity with entertainment, as well as its all-too-welcome switch to USB-C charging as standout features. Right now, Walmart has the base storage option for an impressive $60 off, dropping the price to $539. 

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Apple iPad Pro 11-inch for $749 or 12.9 inch for $999

Save up to $100

Apple’s iPad Pro was already the tablet of choice for creatives and users seeking a model that could do most of what their laptop could. Now that the company has added its hugely successful M1 chip at the core of the device, the latest iPad Pro entries are more competent than ever, and easily capable of blowing away all but the most powerful laptops at just a fraction of the size. Our review found the new chip and added memory to be vastly more than any user could ask for, with excellent battery life as an added bonus. Today, you can get the smaller 11-inch iPad pro from Amazon or Walmart for $50 discounts at each merchant bringing the price to $749. Meanwhile, the larger 12.9-inch model can be had from from Amazon for a fantastic $100 off at $999. 

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