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Belkin’s iPhone-as-a-Mac-webcam accessory is now available



On Tuesday, Belkin officially launched its MagSafe accessory that was prominently featured in the WWDC 2022 announcement of MacOS Ventura in June. Designed for Ventura’s Continuity Camera feature that gives Apple users the ability to double their iPhone as a webcam on MacBook laptops, Belkin’s MagSafe mount makes that much easier. It also means Apple’s official launch of Ventura is likely just around the corner.

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The MagSafe mount magnetically attaches to the top of the computer with no other add-ons required. Working in either portrait or landscape mode(s), the mount gives users a more powerful and higher quality video camera for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other video calling systems. This accessory is aimed at working on MacBook laptops, but Belkin is also working on a similar forthcoming accessory that will work on monitors and iMacs.

Of course, this only works with MagSafe-compatible iPhones, which includes the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 models. And, iOS 16 must be running on your iPhone and MacOS Ventura on your Mac. Apple’s iOS 16 was launched last month and Ventura is expected to be launched in the coming weeks.



Belkin says that the mount is perfect for casual hands-free chatting or a formal conference call on apps like FaceTime and macOS Ventura’s new Desk View feature, which uses the ultra wide angle lens to let your colleagues see your desk during a call. That could be used to draw a diagram or to share about a product, for example.

ZDNET’s Editor in Chief, Jason Hiner, had the opportunity to try out Belkin’s mount over the summer as part of his beta testing of MacOS Ventura and iOS 16.

“I tested the Belkin mount on an iPhone 13 Pro connected to an M1 MacBook Air,” says Hiner. “I was encouraged to see how easily the Mac recognized the nearby iPhone and allowed it to be selected as a webcam. I think a lot of people will find it easy to do this. Likewise, the Belkin device made it simple to position the phone as a webcam. One challenge was that I would have liked the MagSafe mount to have a little more ability to swivel. But it’s a handy little add-on that does a nice job.”

Designed with sleek finishes and lightweight materials the mount dons a professional aesthetic rather than a bulky add-on.  Belkin also added a ring grip that can double as an adjustable kickstand when not being used as a webcam mount. 



Assuring that neither the ring stand nor sturdy structure restrict the mount’s movement, Belkin says the new accessory adjusts its viewing angles and supports up to a 25-degree vertical downward tilt. 

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Belkin also ensures that the device is easy to attach and remove from your Mac computer without hassle or scratches. Hiner said he found it quick to attach and use, and that the soft, rubbery material was gentle on both the iPhone and the Mac.

The Belkin Mount with MagSafe for Mac computers is available now on both Apple and Belkin’swebsites for $29.95

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