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Shim vulnerability exposes most Linux systems to attack

Andrew Brookes/Getty Images Another day, another potential Linux security problem. This time around, it’s a critical vulnerability in shim — the key link between Linux and your computer’s firmware during boot. Left unrepaired, a network attacker could bypass secure boot and take control of your system. First things first: The ...

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3 million smart toothbrushes were just used in a DDoS attack. Really

chang/Getty Images It sounds more like science fiction than reality, but Swiss newspaper Aargauer Zeitung reports that approximately three million smart toothbrushes were hijacked by hackers to launch a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. These innocuous bathroom gadgets — transformed into soldiers in a botnet army — knocked out a Swiss ...

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3 AI features iOS 18 needs to catch up with Android

Siri currently can’t generate an answer to a question; it searches the web for answers instead. Maria Diaz/ZDNET The generative AI landscape is filling up with bots, from text and image generators, to AI-powered musicians. Apple is one company that’s become infamous for trailing behind the generative AI train, though ...

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