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Never buy an iPad in February

I’ve always been a big fan of aphorisms. They act like tiny little subroutines that help me guide my life. For example, there’s “measure twice cut once,” which I try to keep in mind when working in the shop. Another workshop phrase that works is “an ounce of prevention is ...

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Web hosting provider shuts down after cyberattack

Image: ZDNet A web hosting company named No Support Linux Hosting announced today it was shutting down after a hacker breached its internal systems and compromised its entire operation. According to a message posted on its official site [archived], the company said it was breached on Monday, February 8. The ...

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iPhone 12 magnet array can disrupt implantable medical devices

Image: Joshua C. Greenberg, MD, Mahmoud R. Altawil, MD,Gurjit Singh, MD The new magnetic circular array introduced in iPhone 12 smartphones last year to support the MagSafe charging technology can disrupt implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) medical devices. The warning comes from three cardiac electrophysiology doctors from the Henry Ford Heart and ...

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out of the studio and into the streets – TechCrunch

We crawled into an abandoned school bus, trespassed through dilapidated hallways, dodged fleeting thunderstorms, and wandered the empty streets of Chinatown late into the evening. For two summery weeks, I couldn’t have been happier. New York City was in lockdown. I’d been quarantined in my dinky apartment, disheartened and restless. ...

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