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Hybrid and remote work: The state of play in 2023

fotostorm/Getty Images The COVID-19 pandemic forced employees in many sectors around the world to abandon their normal routines of commuting to and from an office, in favor of working remotely from home. Many, if not all, found it a liberating experience that resulted in an improved work-life balance while still ...

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4 ways to secure your remote work setup

Getty Images About 42% of workers have a hybrid working schedule, according to a Gallup study. These workers work in the office one or two days a week and work the other days remotely. Employees visit the office to conduct and attend important meetings, access office materials and supplies, and work from ...

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This data platform will help banks share criminal intelligence

Getty Images/d3sign A data platform is being built to allow banks operating in Singapore to share intelligence on customers who are potentially involved in criminal activities.  The move is part of the country’s efforts to bolster its defenses against financial crimes, including money laundering, terrorism funding, and financing of weapons ...

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How to enable tracker blocking in Opera One (and why you should)

PeopleImages/Getty Images Trackers aren’t going anywhere. Many businesses and services depend on them to gather data about your browsing habits. With those trackers, they can target you with ads or, if they are of a more nefarious nature, use that collected information against you. Whether the intention is the innocuous ...

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Singapore pitches new law to slow spread of cybercrime

Getty Images/d3sign Singapore is looking to pass new legislation that will allow it to issue directives to stem the spread of malicious online activities, including blocking access to suspected scam sites.  The proposed Online Criminal Harms Bill, which had its first reading in parliament Monday, outlines five key directions that ...

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