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Apple deprecates SHA-1 certificates in iOS 13 and macOS Catalina

TLS 1.3 is out: Major boost for web security Expect wide and fast adoption of the latest web encryption protocol after engineers finalise Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.3. More than two years after Google, Firefox, and Microsoft have taken steps to deprecate TLS/SSL certificates signed with the SHA-1 algorithm, ...

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iOS developers sue Apple: ‘App Store is a monopoly’

The Supreme Court’s call on Apple and what it means for the App Store The court’s decision deals a blow to Apple, which is leaning more on its services-related revenue. Two iOS developers have sued Apple and are seeking class-action status for their case, alleging the company has attained monopoly ...

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Two-thirds of iOS apps disable ATS, an iOS security feature

Image: Wandera Two-thirds of iOS apps do not use an Apple technology that can help them support and enforce encrypted communications, according to a report published today by cyber-security firm Wandera. The company said it scanned over 30,000 iOS applications and found that 67.7% of the apps were disabling a ...

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