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Most tech companies aren’t WeWork – TechCrunch

Shin Kim is working on a new SaaS startup and is also chief of staff to entrepreneur Elad Gil . Previously, Shin was at Oak Hill Capital and J.P. Morgan and earned a Master’s in EECS (data science) from UC Berkeley. With the recent emphasis on Uber and WeWork, much ...

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Vir Das Is Afraid of Not Having It

Vir Das is, in his own words, a small things guy. The 40-year-old, best known for his stand-up comedy, doesn’t stress about stuff too much. His biggest concern? Getting home in time to walk his nine-year-old bulldog Watson, whom he hasn’t seen much of because he’s been travelling. Das namechecks ...

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Singapore orders Malaysia site blocked under online falsehoods law

The Singapore government has ordered local access to a website to be blocked for failing to comply with a correction directive issued under the country’s online falsehoods law. Malaysia-based Lawyers for Liberty, which operates the site, has filed a motion against the Singapore government over the issue.  Singapore’s Minster for ...

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