Home / Astronomers Capture Red Supergiant Star Exploding in Massive Supernova – For the Very First Time / AVvXsEgKoOuPvEz8PoFpPVJj-GCPWJVHXtXRswN_4Lrq9J_-DATwMyBK6gnsifGKJqHutY-MfNNqgg6dB-CXS-zXmLT53g0ECGrzUhDRODv7aMuzm1c_rus7yuQJ5Ge_xDOMrhcVsOFaD61mhqsBOtDkOimNesJCCjiBFAp4-ihJn99QlrtHchTGu8IwuEnLYws16000


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