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Apple makes contact sharing easier in iOS 17 with NameDrop

Apple NameDrop

The NameDrop feature as showcased by Apple.


During Apple’s latest Worldwide Developer’s Conference, the company made significant announcements included in iOS 17, the newest operating system for the iPhone. One new feature that’s reminiscent of Apple’s AirDrop is NameDrop, which makes sharing a contact’s information with another iPhone actually convenient.

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Imagine you’re at a conference meeting new people from different businesses, or at a kid’s birthday party making small talk with other parents. Once the time comes to exchange contact information, you’ll no longer have to swap phones or send awkward texts, as long as you both have iPhones.

With NameDrop, two iPhone owners just need to bring their phones together, like in the photo above, one with the person’s contact card they want to share. The contact information will be automatically sent from one device to the other. 

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This feature makes it easier than ever to share contact information and even lets users choose which phone numbers or email addresses they want to share with each other.

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